Dextrogel - Fast Acting Dextrose Gel

Diabetes develops as a disease caused by deficiency of Insulin or diminished effectiveness of Insulin, which is a hormone that controls glucose. Type 1 Diabetes was previously called Insulin Dependent Diabetes and typically starts in childhood but may occur at any time. Type 2 Diabetes previously called Non-Insulin Dependent or Maturity Onset Diabetes affects mainly the older age groups and is often associated with being overweight.

The relative instances are 15% Type1 and 85% Type2.

There are many causes of hypoglycaemia, but it is most commonly the result of an excess of either insulin or hypoglycaemic medications combined with reduced sugar intake or increased activity. Other medicines, alcohol, stress, and hot weather can also precipitate hypoglycaemia.

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Symptoms include trembling, sweating, palpitations, fast or pounding heart, blurred vision, anxiety, tiredness,headache, weakness and nausea. In acute stage it can result in coma, convulsions, transient hemiparesis and stroke. Reduced consciousness and cognitive dysfunction may cause accidents and injuries.

Cardiac events may be precipitated e.g. arrhythmias.

There are estimated to be 1.77 million registered diabetics in England (3.6% of the population) but this is increasing and a recent survey suggested numbers closer to 2.5-3 million (4.7% of the population).

To treat Diabetic Hypoglycaemia the British National Formulary (BNF) [1] recommends (section 6.1.4) oral Glucose (or Sucrose) by mouth.

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[1] British National Formulary (BNF) -

Dosage table

Children 2-18 years

1 10-20g Dextrose (2-4 teaspoons sugar or 3-6 sugar lumps)
2 90-180ml Coca Cola™
3 1-2 x 25g tubes of Dextrogel Repeated after 10 minutes if necessary.


1 10-20g Dextrose (2-4 teaspoons of sugar or or 3-6 sugar lumps)
2 90-180ml Coca Cola™
3 1-2 x 25g tubes Dextrogel Repeated after 10 minutes if necessary.

Dextrogel is 40% Dextrose in an aqueous gel presented in two formats 3 x 25g plastic tubes with snap-off closures and a 75ml soft plastic bottle containing 3 x 25g doses.

Excipients: Water; Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; Citric acid; preservative
E202 (Potassium sorbate)